Auth0 Integration

I’m just wondering whether anyone here used Auth0. I’m considering them for user management as they have a generous free tier up to 7000 users. From what I can gather they have an option to code custom rules, so making something like a check if a user is a valid paying Patreon project patron on insert/login could be a good idea. This rule code could also be easily shared.

(I’m not affiliated btw.)

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Not familiar myself, but also interested in hearing experiences and following this thread.

Would be awesome if patreon would be added to this list:

It looks like getting on that list requires some negotiation between Patreon and Auth0. We’ll look into what that takes, but can’t offer any promises right now.

Thanks for calling it out!

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Hi, im developing right now this solution.

Already create the Custom Social Connection for Patreon, and i send the Get request and receive the code, all it needs to finish is the Function Call Back to send the Token Code.

I’m Trying this (code below), but dosent work.

If it works with our help, we can make a tutorial and in Few Steps, every Blogger User (many patreon creators) can Log users and Authenticated with not Server-side installation.

function(accessToken, ctx, cb) {
  request.get('', {
    headers: {
      'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + accessToken
  }, function(e, r, b) {
    if (e) return cb(e);
    if (r.statusCode !== 200) return cb(new Error('StatusCode: ' + r.statusCode));
    var profile = JSON.parse(b);
    cb(null, profile);


@phildini @tal

@azcotic id you manage to get it working in the end? Maybe you were missing credentials: true or something simlar