Beginner - API Compatibility w/ Web Design Platforms

Greetings Patreon Developers,

I am attempting to build a website and integrate Patreon’s API, but I am new to website design. My question is simply; what is the easiest website design platform to learn that would allow me to use Patreon’s API? I was thinking something like Squarespace, or Swift, but I don’t want to build the site then find out the API doesn’t work with it.

If I’m completely missing something, please feel free to let me know. I am remarkably new to all of this.

The Patreon API – like most APIs nowadays – is available over HTTP. That means that as long as you can make HTTP requests then you can work with the API. Every programming language you can think of will support that functionality, so the Patreon API is compatible with every language. Additionally, there are a variety of libraries for different languages that make the Patreon API easier to work with, there’s libraries for Python, Java, Javascript, Ruby and PHP, so for those languages it’s even easier.

Squarespace don’t offer the ability to run server side code (as far as I know) so you’d be constrained to interacting with the Patreon API using client-side Javascript (which means you can’t do private things) if you chose to build your website on Squarespace. You could create your own web service that was responsible just for interacting with the Patreon API that then provided data specifically to your Squarespace website – you could do that using heroku, app engine, or even your own server – so it’s not that Squarespace isn’t an option, it’s just an extra hoop (but that might be worth it, if you get a lot of value from the Squarespace site builder).

As someone who doesn’t have experience in this field the aspect you’ll find most difficult is understanding what to search for, and what to ask. I recommend that you try and think in more concrete terms about what you’re trying to achieve, for example instead of asking something like:

How do I integrate Patreon into my website

Ask questions like:

I would like to have a website where I can display a list of all my Patron’s profile pictures, how do I do this?


I would like to have a website where a Patron of my campaign can log in and they have access to a page that can only be accessed by Patrons, how do I do this?

You’ll find it much easier to find answers to those questions, and others will be able to provide much more valuable help :slight_smile: Problem solving in programming is as much about being able to clearly identify your problem as it is being able to actually solve it!

Do you have any specific things you’re trying to achieve with the Patreon API? That’ll be a good place to start, as the advice greatly depends on what you’re trying to achieve.


Just popping up a WordPress site and installing the official plugin would get you going very fast.


Thank you very much for all the information; as you can see from my question, I have a lot of learning to do. But I certainly appreciate the advice, particularly on how to ask questions on here in the future. I’ll do some more research starting with your advice, and hopefully by the time another question comes up, it’ll be more clear and specific.

Cheers! :slight_smile: