Does anyone know a Youtube tutorial for using Patreon API on html websites (non wordpress)

I’m trying to setup my html site with exclusive areas just for patreons

Hi there! I was just through this process myself, hoping for a simple as possible solution, and found out that no matter what, you’ll need some sort of backend for your site that can handle the authentication with your Patreon Client.

Not sure about your prior knowledge, but as your not referencing anything else than html I’m guessing this could be a bit of a hurdle to get through. I didn’t find any youtube videos a couple of weeks ago.

Start with the patreon api documentation: under Api Libraries and you can see example projects from various backends. I ended up using patreon-js since my backend was node js, but there are other available.
A fair warning however, it’s a bit technical, and even with a detailed step by step tutorial it’ll probably still be quite difficult as the documentation is in a state between version 1 and 2, and so is most of the online information. It doesn’t help that theres not much online resources on this matter…

One of the better and simpler instructions I found where this simple comment: How to create a "Login with Patreon" button
It’s a simplification though.