Set up Patreon Plug in

I am stuck on how to get my patreon plugin working.
I need to fill this part out and have no idea how to get the info.

I assume this comes from the Create client screen

I don’t seem to be able to scroll down this screen but I can see the bottom of the form if I tab through the fields. Besides a scroll bar, It would be very helpful if there was an info button after each field for us low tech types.
As new user I can only upload one image, but I hope you know the screen I am talking about…

  1. What is the app name…patreon, wordpress, Kale(theme)….
  2. I assume the company domain is my blog domain.
  3. What size is the square icon url
  4. What are the privacy and terms of service URLS… Do they come from patreon? Do they live on my site? Is there some boiler plate we can use? We are a small potato I don’t need to spend thousands getting an attorney to draw these up.
  5. I think a redirect URL is another URL that points at my primary URL. I don’t have these do I enter 0, none, or leave blank.
  6. What is my client API… seems like I could be a 1 or a 2

Thanks for helping out this humble creator.


Hey Michael,

  1. The app name will be displayed on the authentication page from patreon. So therefore there should be a name of your app where the user know with which app or page he authenticates for. In your case it will be Cruisinglives probably.

  2. correct

  3. I dont now

  4. You have to provide a privacy and TOS on your page either way. There are tons of pages in the internet which create some templates.

  5. So the redirect-url is the page where the user will be redirected to after the authentication process. So you need another page which reads the provided token and calls other requests with the data you want to have. I dont know what the wordpress plugin provides there.

  6. I would choose APIv2. But please check if the Wordpress Plugin needs APIv1 :slight_smile:


You should use API v1 currently. Later the plugin will update to API v2 in another version in near future.

1 - Your app name can be your site name or Patreon page name, or any kind of mix.
2 - Yes
3 - Size is not determined, but it should be something reasonably small.
4 - If you dont have these, you can leave them empty. Otherwise you can just use what you have in your WP site for privacy and terms.
5 - Redirect url is what you copy from the ‘redirect uri’ field in Patreon settings menu page in your WP admin
6 - v1 currently.

Thanks for your help… Patreon seems to have taken it. Now, how to lock the link to youtube.

You can embed the video in post content, and then post the lock.

This would require unlocking the post to get to the video. But if anyone has the video link directly, they can see the video or send that link to other people for them to see.

Each post has a youtube embed block and a description block

I would prefer to block the video so the user could read the description but not access the video unless they had a patreon membership. Similiar to lock image. The description motivates users to become patrons…

Is it better to host video on your own server? I was under the impression that many creators had you tube channels

Hosting your own video server would cost you a lot and has various infrastructure challenges - unless your audience is very small.

How does youtube embed block work? Can a person who has the link to direct youtube video, watch the video?

In the new wordpress editor you just add a block. There is a type for you tube embed you give it the url. My videos on youtube are unlisted so you only see them with a link. If you right click on the youtube block you can copy the video URL. Not sure what would happen if the video was blocked by patreon.

Im not sure of any video blocking mechanism which would prevent a video at youtube from being viewed by using its direct link. You will need to try some things out i guess.