Campaign "pledge_sum" field no longer supported?

The pledge_sum field appears to be unavailable on the Campaign v2 resource. I tried doing a request to be sure, and it said the field was invalid.

How do I get the same value in API v2?

Would completed_percentage work?

I’m assuming you meant goals. No. I have that already working. I want the amount of pledges to the campaign in dollars. Completed percentage does not go above one hundred percent so I can’t use it to estimate it either.

You would need to iterate the members to get the sum in that case.

Why would they deliberately remove support for this between API versions?

This is not strictly doable as far as I can tell. I have looped through my members, but the total I get is higher than the actual total when I go to Patreon. It must be forcing to use the user’s currency and is not giving me any way to detect it for exchange rates.