Can not enter information in About section

I am trying desperately to get my Patreon page up and running. I logged a ticket Tuesday and still no answer, ticket ID: 429487,

I have done all other information needed to set up my page ready for public but in the about section when editing the page… in the box “About you” I see a Bulletpoint and thats it, I can’t click anywhere in the text box and can’t select any of the tools… Add video HTML etc…

This is highly frustrating and its the last thing I need to do before I can send the page off for review!

Can someone please help with this, Or take a look at it or something!

Thank you,


These forums are geared towards assisting developers using the Patreon API or integrations. This question would be better answered by our Community Happiness team which can be reached at

I see you’ve already submitted a ticket, hopefully they have responded by now! Let me know if they haven’t.