Can't change tier for another one of the same amount

I have 3 different tiers with the same pledge amount (they’re meant for different type of content, hence the same price but for different things). And because of that, your plugin doesn’t allow me to change to a different tier. As soon as I update my page, the selected tier goes back to the first in the list.
Refreshing the tiers doesn’t change anything.
My plugin version : 1.8.7
My WP version : 6.4.1
Any solution?

Have a great day!

That doesnt matter - the plugin will check for the total $ amount that the user is entitled to. If its higher than the (actually any equal tier) amount, it will allow access. So you can lock your posts with whichever you want.

Thank you for your quick reply and explanation!
This is a bit troubling though, this means people can just share their link and get access to everything with the same amount or more. It makes the “programmatic” solution of identifying a tier id even more important in my case!