Card denial. Bank says it is on pateron's side

Hey there, when the charges for this month went through today my card denined it. I called my bank to let it through and they said okay no issues and allowed the charges. When I retried it was still being denined. So I called my bank again and they said that it is not on their side anymore and to contact the tech support on patreon. I added a new creator last month and I’m guessing that’s what did it somehow but I’m not sure to be honest.
I’m not even sure if this is the right place to post this but I couldn’t find a number to call and a quick Google search led me here. Also I have the funds and have had payments go through to pateron before.
Anyways thanks in advance for anyone who can help

This forum isn’t for Patreon customer support, it’s a forum for developers and creators using the Patreon API — nobody on this forum can help with account specific questions.

That said I can tell you that Patreon retries payments multiple times over the space of a few days before cancelling pledges, if you have lifted the block with your card issuer then you can expect the payments to go through next time Patreon tries. Patreon will also send you an email encouraging you to fix any payment issues before they take any action, so there’s no need to worry — the system understands that these things happen.

If you need any help specific to your account or payments then you’ll need to reach out to Patreon support which you can do via the help centre: