Patreon denied my payment method then deleted my accout

So I’ve been a user on Patreon for about 3 years. Yesterday morning I went to pay what I owed and the site refused to accept my payment method. I use a debit card that is linked to my paypal. I’ve never had a problem paying with this card on Patreon before. It declined the card. I tried unlinking and relinking the card to pay what I owe and I was suddenly logged off the site. I went to log back in and when I put my credentials in a message appeared saying my account had been disabled. When I type in the URL for my Patreon page my browser says “This page has been removed”. Its been like this since yesterday and I haven’t heard one peep out of Patreon about it. I noticed they took the money off my card though.

It takes 2\3 business days to get a reply from them. My debit card had the same issue and won’t get accepted, so my account got blocked. Got the account back after they checked the issue. Also, though it might appear on your card that you have been charged (I was charged twice), you aren’t actually charged. That amount is put on hold, but shows processed. I got the money back in my account after 4\5 days. It might be the same for you. But if you don’t get it back, then you will have to contact them about it as well.

You need to submit the ticket from the link below.

Thanks for the reply. I already sent them a message through that link twice. I’m still waiting for a reply. From what I’ve heard on tumblr its not just me this has happened to. They pretty much screwed up the entire site by moving their business to the UK. Apparently anyone who uses the site and pays through an American bank is being declined. So it probably will be a while before I hear from them. Would have been nice if they messaged their user base and told them what was going on.

Seems so. They are replying quite slowly. Before, I could get a reply within 24\48 hours and even chat with them over email (the reply came within half an hour), but now they seem to be busy taking care of other matters.