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I don’t know where all the hate is coming from, but if you change browsers or device then you have to verify your account by email. It is for your own security to make sure your account won’t be stolen. Don’t log out of Patreon all the time.

If you don’t receive a verification email, then log in again. Try it more than once and you will receive the verification mail, that is of course, if your verification emails aren’t going to the spam folder.

If your account was blocked by them for fraud, then contact the support and tell them, they will certainly help you (I had three accounts blocked all at once because of my Debit Card having issues, so I contacted the Patreon support. Got back my accounts, nothing was lost, and am still in contact with them over other matters and issues). The support team is certainly willing to help and they will help.

It doesn’t matter if someone has 1 Patron or 1000 Patrons if their content is going against some community guideline (there are some things not allowed even if your page is 18+ enabled), then the page will certainly be suspended and need a review. The creator needs to contact the Patreon support and get the issue dealt with.

Now, that isn’t the only reason for the Patreon Page getting suspended or blocked. It might be because the creator was pledging to others but there was fraudulent activity caused by his associated PayPal or Credit\Debit card (Chargebacks and all that. It can happen sometime even if the creator didn’t do it themselves).

Another reason for the block might be people pledging, then deleting their pledge with a negative review resulting in the Patreon Trust&Security bots disabling their account for fraud and all that. Yeah, bots do it, not humans, so the chances of error are high (I created a Patreon Creator account and it was disabled thrice right after I logged in. I got it back up thrice and the third time, the Trust&Security person made some changes to their bot so that account won’t be disabled again. The reason for it was a different country as my Editor also had access to that account).

And there are many other reasons that might lead to the account being suspended. The fact that the content is Under Review and Not Removed by Patreon is already proof that they are actually looking at the page. Because, you know what, when they aren’t looking at the page, then you get the following “Content has been removed by Patreon.”

So before you go ahead and try to smash someone’s reputation in the mud, do try to ask them for help and see how they treat you. Unless they treat you horribly, you don’t do something like this.

And the final thing: This forum isn’t a place for this.

Cheers and have a good day,
Ahmad Shahzad