Day Four - Still have new page in review?

I have made a new patreon account and wish to have it up and running before the months end, however this is day four and no email confirming my page is appropriate for patreon? Don’t know if there is anything I can do, and when I look it up, I see nothing similar to my situation…?

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I’m on old from about 7 june, without explanations, without an email.
The funniest thing is that there is written “get in touch with you within 1-2 business days.”
At now are 26 days…

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This forum is the venue for people who are using the Patreon developer platform to build third-party Patreon Apps to discuss working with the platform, and it’s a forum for people who are using those apps (such as the Wordpress plugin) to seek support from the developers.

This forum is not the correct venue for Patreon users to seek support with Patreon itself. Most people on this forum, like myself, are not associated with Patreon, we’re just developers using the Patreon platform. Nobody on this forum can help with creating, managing or pledging to a campaign.

Please visit the Patreon Help Center which can be found by clicking “Help Center & FAQs” in the footer of any page, from there you can read FAQ questions and send an email to the Patreon Customer Happiness team who will be able to provide you with the support you need :slight_smile:

We would if it would actually help. Patreon mentions why the process exists, but I can’t find how long it usually takes anywhere. I’ve checked their help site, 30+ pages of results from multiple differently keyworded Goggle searches, and asked other creators. Those creators said 2 to 6 days, but I’ve been waiting 10. I’ve read step-by-step setup guides that even included making a PayPal account, and those didn’t even mention that the review process exists. We just want to know how much longer we’ll be waiting. I have fans of my art that want to support me who are asking me daily when the page will be up.

The review process is only for those who check the “Adult Content” tag. I have created 4 Patreon Pages (2 mine + 2 for others) over the days, but it never went to the review and I could publish the page directly. I had created another page with the “Adult Content” tag checked, and it took about 3 days. If it is taking too long, just create another Patreon Page. You can change the username from the unreviewed page and add it to your new page, then submit it for review (if it will have adult content), else Publish it immediately after you click on the Submit for Review Button!