Never Received Last Pay-Out

I never received my patreon payout at the start of this month. It was ready to be withdrawn to my paypal from Patreon on the 1st of the month, so I hit ‘payout now’’ and while the money did reset back to $0 on the patreon page, it never actually hit my PayPal account. Usually it’s instant, so I was worried, but I decided to wait.

Now we are 10 days into the month and after the fact, and the only payment I received this month was an automated payment of $26.01

As of right now I am still missing my full payment!

Hope someone can help, not sure where to reach out to.


This forum is the venue for people who are using the Patreon developer platform to build third-party Patreon Apps to discuss working with the platform, and it’s a forum for people who are using those apps (such as the Wordpress plugin) to seek support from the developers.

This forum is not the correct venue for Patreon users to seek support with Patreon itself. Most people on this forum, like myself, are not associated with Patreon, we’re just developers using the Patreon platform. Unfortunately, nobody on this forum can help with creating, managing or pledging to a campaign.

Please visit the Patreon Help Center which can be found by clicking “Help Center & FAQs” in the footer of any page, from there you can read FAQ questions and send an email to the Patreon Customer Happiness team who will be able to provide you with the support you need :slight_smile:

Okay sure. Thank you. I would delete this if I knew how… :slight_smile: