I cant access my account, verification doesnt work in hotmail

i cant access it!

please, im supporting patreons but i cant see them, then how can i erase my account? i won’t support patreons if i can’t see them because i can’t log in

having this exact same problem with the site on my computer, as well as through the app on my phone. I try to login, and it tells me I need to verify my device, but no e-mail is being sent. I have a Hotmail account as well. no matter how many times I click the “resend confirmation e-mail”, I have yet to receive a single e-mail to confirm my device.

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This forum is the venue for people who are using the Patreon developer platform to build third-party Patreon Apps to discuss working with the platform, and it’s a forum for people who are using those apps (such as the Wordpress plugin) to seek support from the developers.

This forum is not the correct venue for Patreon users to seek support with Patreon itself. Most people on this forum, like myself, are not associated with Patreon, we’re just developers using the Patreon platform. Unfortunately, nobody on this forum can help with creating, managing or pledging to a campaign.

Please visit the Patreon Help Center which can be found by clicking “Help Center & FAQs” in the footer of any Patreon.com page, from there you can read FAQ questions and send an email to the Patreon Customer Happiness team who will be able to provide you with the support you need :slight_smile:

i created an account with gmail, in gmail i do receive the verification emails

but now turns out i have to verify my email everytime i log in

patreon is starting to really disgust me with all this security measures

what do you think you are? the pentagon?

Im also having the issue of not receiving confirmation emails from patreon to my hotmail account. It is soo frustrating that im paying patrons money in support, but I cant even get help at all just logging into my account all because I cant get the confirmation email from their website. Please if anyone here can help i know it cant be my email settings because I am still receiving emails from many other websites and people…just not any from patreon. I had to make this temp account just to post this message. Thanks to anyone who can help or replys

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also if they had a customer service number or anyone who knows how to contact them directly that would be amazing too!

also why you have to do a captcha everytime you log in?