The Login Screen - It's Bad

I’ve been using Patreon to follow my creators for the last few years, and I’ve never really had a problem before.

That is until a couple weeks ago (maybe longer) I noticed that everytime I went to log in I’d receive a recaptcha prompt to verify that I was a human. It was typically just select the pictures that applied, and it wasn’t hard to complete, even on my phone, so whatever I can handle it.

Then we get to today. I went to log on and it said I had to verify my login and it then sent me an email. Ok, I think, they made an update probably refreshed their trusted access points within my account, and I need to reverify, no big deal. So I log into my email and verified the attempt; I did so on both my home desktop computer as well as my mobile phone later that day. A couple hours later I went to log in again - wait? I have to verify via email again? So I go through the process, I re-log into my email open the new verification message and log in.

I just tried to log in and it asked me to verify my log in AGAIN and now I’m realizing that this is intended to be a new occurrence for EVERY log in I attempt in the future!

You realize how bad this is from a user standpoint, correct? I have to log into my patreon account (type in my username and my password), go through a recaptcha, receive an email, I then have to log into my email account (type in my username and password) open the email and then I can be logged in to see if there are any new updates.

I understand you wanting to incorporate better security, especially because there is a payment processor involved, but perhaps instead of gating the log in to the site everytime I want to visit, you could maybe just gate the payment parts. Make us verify our account only when we want to start/stop supporting a creator and when we want to view/update payment information, not when I’m just logging in to see if anyone has made a new post to their patreon page.

With one update you’ve made your site practically unusable because I need to spend twice as long just to log in, and I’m starting to wonder why I even bother.

Before it’s brought up: No, I can’t just leave my patreon logged in. I have two small children at home and I don’t want them to stumble upon the creators I follow as they are not appropriate for children.

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