Charge upfront patrons don't have any payment info on pledge history

I’m integrating with the API v2 and one thing that I’ve noticed is that for pages that are set to charge upfront, when someone signs up it correctly creates a pledge_start event in the pledge history, but such event doesn’t have any information related to the payment (payment_status is null, while it should be Paid). I’m including all fields and relationships, and I get the correct data for subscription event types, it’s just for pledge_start that there isn’t anything.
And also upfront charges don’t create any subscription event type, so how can I know if someone paid, was refunded, or something else happened?
I cannot use the data on the member (last_charge_status), I need to go through the events for historical purposes (the one on the member is only for the last charge, I need that information for the first payment)
Any ideas? Or hope that the payment_status will be added/fixed on pledge_start events?