Compute Monthly earnings details

Hey, I’m working on an app to update my Smiirl physical counter to display the “In progress” Monthly earnings details as shown here: Insights | Patreon.

I’m using the T0shik/PatreonClient: Patreon v2 api c# client ( library.

Right now, I’m collecting all active_patron members and their respective pledges through the below code, but I’m not getting the same value as the one from patreon web interface.

private enum ChargeStatus
// Get the first day of the current month
DateTime currentDate = DateTime.Today;
DateTime firstDayOfMonth = new DateTime(currentDate.Year, currentDate.Month, 1);

Task<List<PatreonData<Member, MemberRelationships>>> membersResponse = Task.Run(() => GetMembers(patreonCampaignId));
List<PatreonData<Member, MemberRelationships>> members = membersResponse.Result;

IEnumerable<PatreonData<Member, MemberRelationships>> members_active = members.Where(data => data.Attributes.PatreonStatus is not null && data.Attributes.PatreonStatus.Equals("active_patron"));

// Loop through each enum value and calculate the sum
foreach (ChargeStatus status in Enum.GetValues(typeof(ChargeStatus)))
    // reset value
    CurrentlyEntitledAmountCents[status] = 0;

    foreach(Member member in members.Select(mem => mem.Attributes))
        if (member.LastChargeStatus != Enum.GetName(status))

        DateTimeOffset LastChargeDate = member.LastChargeDate.Value;
        DateTimeOffset NextChargeDate = member.NextChargeDate.Value;

        if (NextChargeDate >= firstDayOfMonth && NextChargeDate < DateTime.Today.AddDays(1))
            CurrentlyEntitledAmountCents[status] += member.CurrentlyEntitledAmountCents;
        else if (LastChargeDate >= firstDayOfMonth)
            CurrentlyEntitledAmountCents[status] += member.CurrentlyEntitledAmountCents;

    // from cents to dollars
    CurrentlyEntitledAmountCents[status] /= 100.0f;

CurrentlyEntitledAmountCents[ChargeStatus.Paid] -= CurrentlyEntitledAmountCents[ChargeStatus.Declined];

// compute fees
float platformfees = CurrentlyEntitledAmountCents[ChargeStatus.Paid] / 100f * 5.0f;
float paymentfees = CurrentlyEntitledAmountCents[ChargeStatus.Paid] / 100f * 15.0f;

float earnings = CurrentlyEntitledAmountCents[ChargeStatus.Paid] - (platformfees + paymentfees);

Anyone here to help figure out what I’m doing wrong ?

Asking this in the support forum of that specific lib may be more appropriate.

The logic should be independent of the library itself, yet I couldn’t find anything online to expressively reproduce the insights logic.

So is there a difference in between the value you receive for the patronage amounts and what you see in those members’ details at

Yes. I can’t get the exact logic right. Let’s take C# aside, I guess if I could get the compute logic in generic terms that’d be enough.

Right now, I’m:

  • Pulling all members
  • Sorting them based on their respective status (paid, declined, deleted, …)
  • Storing the sum of all CurrentlyEntitledAmountCents (per status) of member where: nextcharge date or lastcharge date is >= first day of current month.

But even here, the sum of all “Paid” is not the same gross revenue value as displayed in insights/earnings.