Connecting site to Patreon error

Everything was fine until your latest update. after updating plugin, it is not working and I keep getting this Sorry, couldn’t disconnect your site before reconnecting it

Please wait a few minutes and try again. If this issue persists, you can visit your your app/clients page and delete the app/client for this site. Then you can save empty values for details in “Connection details” tab in “Patreon settings” menu at your site. This would manually disconnect your site from Patreon. Then, you can reconnect your site to another Patreon account or to the same account.

You may have been using v1 version of the api.

You can solve this issue with below procedure:

  • Delete any apps related to this site at Patreon apps page
  • Go to your site, Patreon Settings -> Connection section and delete all fields which you can delete and then save. Ignore the warning.

  • Click ‘Connect’. This should allow you to connect your site to Patreon.