Connecting the creator Patreon account and using Patreon_Wordpress::get_user_lifetime_patronage()

Hey, as the title suggests, I tried linking my creator Patreon account with the Wordpress admin account using the usual method we allow for users (with this plugin).

Our custom wordpress account page gets the lifetime patronage and displays this for the user’s convenience, but I noticed a somewhat random value (or at least, a value I was not expecting) when viewing this value for the admin account page.

So my question is, in the context where the linked Patreon account is the creator account, what does this value represent when using:


I thought maybe it was picking up the total patronage on ALL patreon pages that user contributes towards, rather than just the relevant one. Or maybe it’s showing the Patreon fees paid by the creator?

Any clarification here would be great.

There may be a bug with allowing admin users to log in via Patreon that may end up making some new users who log in via Patreon as admins - it affected some sites. Do make sure that it doesnt affect your site before turning on Patreon login for admins on.

The usage you speak of is not a supported use case so you may encounter no returns, invalid returns or unpredictable returns.