Connecting the Facebook Pixel with Patreon!

Hi there! I am looking for a way to integrate the Facebook Pixel with Patreon to track conversion for my patreon ads. I’ve had decent success connecting it via Zapier. Unfortunately, the data sent from patreon to Zapier needs to be more sufficient as it needs to contain more user info, such as the user’s IP address.

Is it possible to feed Zapier with more user information, like individual IP addresses, by working directly with the patreon API?
So far I have tried giving Zapier more information from my Google Analytics Property connected to Patreon, but it doesn’t collect individual IPs either.

If you have any ideas or resources you could point me to, I would appreciate it a lot!

There isn’t any endpoint or resource that would give you a user’s IP in the api. You can try sending some other user data to Zapier from Analytics and try to match users over that data.

I will look into anaylictics, thank you.

On that note - universal analytics will become deprecated in 2023, do you know if patreon has any plans to implement google analytics 4 on their creator profiles?

Since that question relates to, asking it at Patreon Discord or opening a support ticket for it would be better.

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