Custom pledges are discouraged by the current system

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Important: If you see “Custom pledge” it means that you’re not currently in a tier.

Meaning, if I pledge $10 for someone that has the closest tiers at $5 and $25, I won’t get the reward from the $5 tier. So if I want to get that reward, I either have to pay $25 or $5 now.

I absolutely think that it would make much more sense to give all benefits of the tiers that require the same or lower amount than the custom pledge.

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Ah, turns out you can increase the amount you pay for a specific tier.

Then, the question is - why have the “Custom pledge” in the first place that doesn’t give anything that tiers don’t have but also implicitly limits the rewards?

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You should bring this to community forum and the community discord.

This forum is for api, api-using apps and integrations and developer related topics.

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