Dashboard to view multiple Patreons?

Hi there, apologies if this is too broad/non-technical but I manage multiple Patreons (5 and growing) and would like to have a single view across all to assess where possible, overall revenue trends, tier adoption and even power users.

We’ve used Creator Metrics for single Patreon analysis but they can’t ingest more than one account. Does anyone know of this existing? Is it buildable? If so, I’d be interested to hear from you.


I think this relates to patreon.com instead of any integration, app or website. You should open a support ticket for that at Patreon help desk.

Thanks - and again, may be in the wrong place but if it doesn’t exist, I’d like to find someone with experience of the Patreon API to possibly build it. Do tell me if this is the wrong place to ask that.

No, this is the right place to ask for that. Though posting with a better title could help you in your search.