Multiple Authors/Patreon

Hi there.

So, I wish to connect multiple patreons (where each post would retrieve the API details of the author).

I am fine for using multiple API keys. Each author can set that themselves (using user meta fields on their profiles).

That being said, is there a way I can (after creating user meta fields) pull the API credentials using based on author?

Is there a filter I could use?

Thanks for hearing me out.


You can reach out to support and they can grant you access to manage multiple patreon accounts depending on what you’re using it for.

Hey @Jfantasybooks,

Nick here from the Patreon platform team.

If you reach out to my team at we can work with you on getting you an API client that works with multiple Patreon campaigns.

Thanks for the reply.

Hi. I sent an email around a week ago. No response. Can you check for me? I know you must be busy, but I would like to know if helping me out on building a platform with multiple patreons is feasible, and if your team would be interested in working together on this.


Hey @Jfantasybooks,

I can definitely look. Do you remember the ticket#? I could have sworn I sent you an update shortly after you submitted the ticket.

Hi, no.

I only sent an email to "" but there was no response.


I sent another email. I am hopeful of a response.

Hey @Jfantasybooks - You should have an update for this in your email.

Found it in my SPAM! Lolz. I guess I was so used to not visiting it via the business email address.

Thanks, I’ll continue the talk through there.