Discord Roles Not Changing


So I have encountered an issue with Patreon’s Discord integration recently. It seems that people who pledge on Patreon (and connect their Discord accounts) never get their roles set even though the bot is in the server and has sufficient permissions. I’ve tried kicking and re inviting the Patreon bot but no luck :frowning: Any ideas?

Same issue in my server. I was going to create a thread, but saw yours so didn’t create it. The bot worked only one time. It hasn’t been working ever since then.

+1 This thread.

Hey @AhmadShahzad, @Blizzard098 -

Nick here from the Platform team.

This forum is more geared towards helping developers build on the Patreon API.

If you haven’t already, I would recommend submitting a note to our Community Happiness team at www.patreon.com/faq. They can assist with checking if the Discord config is correct and help you with any other Discord related issues.

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