Discord + PMP roles possible?


Is it possible to use this with the Discord role and stuff in-line with pmpro?

Example: If someone joins via Patreon they can get a Discord role (if linked).

However, when people signup via pmpro even if they use the same email they’ve with Patreon it doesn’t give the Discord role. Is this possible? Is there a way to force Patreon login or something.

I’ve no idea if the content unlocking side of things work, as I guess I’d need to buy my own membership to test that-side of things but those who signed up via WP/pmpro lose out on the Discord Role perk/benefit.

I know via /wp-admin/profile.php I can link Patreon. However, general users can’t access /wp-admin is there a way they can link Patreon together w/ the site?

EDIT: Do I need something like this? Connect Paid Memberships Pro to Discord – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org English (UK)


I’ve no experience with that plugin, but why would you not just have Patreon do this for you as part of the reward tiers?

Because not everyone joins via Patreon, some signup via PMP and seems no way to force Patreon and disable regular signups/PMP and only allow Patreon.

PMP allows Stripe which some visitors choose to donate one-time instead of joining Patreon but then they lose the donation role/perk.

Makes sense. Looking at the link you provided earlier, it certainly seems like that plugin would work.

Patreon WordPress or Patron Plugin Pro should already automatically link your patron’s WP accounts and Patreon accounts together when they register or login at your site via Patreon. Including while unlocking your WP posts via Patreon.

The linked plugin seems to be from a developer involved with Paid Memberships Pro. Though it seems to be a pretty new plugin, it may be worth a try.