Regarding role syncing/mapping


We are using Patreon, among other supporter platforms, as a way to accept donations - However, we have no intention of limiting content access on our website. We are simply looking for a way to sync the Wordpress user roles with the tier that a Patron may hold when connecting their Patreon account on our website’s profile page. We would also preferably like to sync these changes so that in the event that the user cancels their Patreon subscription, they are additionally move into another user role on Wordpress based on the tier that they used to hold. (Ideally, updated instantly, or daily automatically, but it could be done manually through a profile button by the user, if necessary)

An example of this:

  • Registers on our website.
  • (optional: Links Website/Patreon accounts from website profile)
  • Becomes Bronze Tier on Patreon
  • (optional: Links Website/Patreon accounts from website profile)
  • Give “Bronze” Wordpress user role (Either default Wordpress, or PMP/Ultimate Member)
  • Patreon subscription is cancelled
  • Give “Bronze Legacy” Wordpress user role
  • Becomes Gold Tier on Patreon
  • Give “Gold” Wordpress user role

etc, etc.

How could we achieve this, and which, if any, of the Patreon/Patron plugins you manage would enable us to do this?

Separate to this, just so that you are aware - We are using PMP (or Ultimate Member if needed) to sync Wordpress roles with Discord users. In this way, we are trying to ensure that regardless of how the Wordpress roles were acquired (Patreon link, gifted by the staff, via Ko-fi / PayPal link, etc.) the community members have the correct role everywhere, except for the other contribution platforms they didn’t subscribe on.

Finally, we notice that once linking the Patreon and Wordpress account, there is no button to then unlink the accounts. Is there a way to display an unlink button, or a way for us as staff to force the accounts to disconnect by request of the user (or as a moderation method)?

Thank you.

You can use the getUserPatronage function in the plugin to get the users pledge in $, then assign a user role to the user based on the amount. This can happen whenever a user logs in or registers etc.

The users can unlink their accounts via the button in their own profile. If you want to make an unlink button, you can use the functions which that button uses.

Is this functionality likely to be added as an optional feature in the plugin in future? It seems like a sensible addition that many would use. To do it in a custom integration is one thing, but simply setting the user role is a very common request it seems.

Assigning a patron role to the users is something that is on the list.

Any updates on this? It’s a very basic feature that one would expect from this plugin, especially when googling you get results of people asking for this all the way back to 2020.