Will the plugin support roles?

The reason I am asking is some plugins and features on Wordpress are role related. I haven’t been able to find a “patreon” role just page locking. Will there be a option to add a patreon role that will remove users once they stop support. It’s important to me in order to use Patreon as a membership site system. For example I have a wiki system. I don’t want to lock public viewers from reading it but would love to allow certain pledge users to edit the wiki etc.

Can this be done? I am not interested in hiring custom coding. I am just wondering if this feature will see the light of day sometime? Allowing a patreon role that automates if they are supporting or not access to features on the website without locking out none patrons from viewing the content.

Assigning roles to Patreon linked users or patrons is not currently slated as a feature in the free plugins or any premium addon, but it can be done through free role related plugins that are available in WP org. What would need to happen would be to assign a role to a user based on related user meta. It should require minimum modifications if it even requires some.

Un-assigning roles is pretty complicated. Currently there isnt a surefire way it could be done. When webhooks implemented in future they may help, but that is currently distant.