Legacy plugin, PM Pro integration

I am currently using the legacy plugin by UIUX which I think is similar to the current WP Patreon plugin.

I’m also using a plugin that he created called Patreon Connect: Patron Memberships which essentially maps Patreon statuses to PM Pro statuses.

I’m considering upgrading to the new WP Plugin (his seems to have several issues), but am wondering if I am going to lose that functionality or if things could be backward compatible?

There are considerable differences in between the two incarnations of this plugin. When you upgrade, you will gain some functionality but you will also lose some. Mapping Patreon statuses to any other status/user role inside WP or any other plugin will be one of them since currently there isnt such a feature.

Thanks… So this will not work if I upgrade?

It seems to use the same function to get patronage

$user_patronage = Patreon_Wordpress::getUserPatronage();

It may just work. However you would need to test - for this you would need to deactivate the existing one, and install the new one. However doing that will be a bit difficult since both use patreon-connect slug.

If, you can upload the new one’s contents to a new folder like patreon-connect2 through ftp (only the files inside the zip), then you can just deactivate old one and activate this new one.

If it works, you would need to delete the old patreon-connect entirely, and rename patreon-connect2 folder to patreon-connect and then reactivate the plugin since WP will deactivate it after name change.