Does exists vertical image viewer in patreon?

I want to watch image contents with vertical scrollable view in patreon.

Does patreon offer this function?

Carousel slider is not good for watching vertical style comics(webtoon) images

So I made this simple chrome extension.
(GitHub - 1minimi/PatreonWebtoonViewer)

Can I use this in patreon? or is this extension not allowed in patreon?

If patreon allows my extension, I will release for free(No ads).

Asking this at the Patreon Discord channel may be more productive.

Thank you!
I will try to ask in ‘Official Patreon Creator Community’ discord.

Could you help me one more thing?

Which tab is for asking question?


Channels like ask-patreon, general could help. They would direct you to the correct channel from those.