Need help with the patreon tiers

Quick question I’m sure many of you could answer that for me. I produce multiple different types of Photography work and instead of making multiple pages I would prefer to be able to present them in tiers that people can pay to access monthly. Am I able to set up a $10 tier for access to my landscape photography as well as a separate $10 tier for nude art photography and have access for both separated even though the amount of money they are paying per month is the same? Example

Pays for 10 dollar landscape tier can see landscapes only…

Pays 15 dollar nude tier can only see nudes not both.

Pays 20 for both can see both.

So basically the short and skinny is I would like to know if I can make tiered images that grow in price but that do not always include all previous tiers benefits inside of them

Hey there! Thanks for reaching out. I think you’re going to find the best information at our creator forum,, this forum is going to have information that is really API-specific.