New Patreon placed in wrong tier

I got a new Patreon today and as the title says he was placed in the wrong tier.
He signed up, paid for, and was charged for the $10 tier but was placed into and only has access to the $1 tier.

I did a quick search on google and it didn’t turn up anything. Anyone have any idea whats going on?

I gave him a refund until this gets sorted out.

What is the nearest tier you have? Do you have only $1 tier? Also, are you at Lite plan?

I have tiers for $1, $5, $10, $15, ect. and I’m on the pro plan.

Just to confirm, this is at , or at your own website?

It’s through

He also says that he never revived a refund even though Patreon says he has been refunded.

I sent him a message to contact Patreon directly.

Ah, that is not related to the api or any of the integrations then. For that you should open a ticket at Patreon helpdesk.

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