How to get the list of Tiers for every creator?

I will launch my own Patreon soon but I don’t really know what prices should I apply for my tiers and I’d like to compare with what people are actually doing.

I could scrape all the pages but a friend told me about the API :slight_smile:

I don’t need to know the content of every tiers, but the price and if it’s possible the number of users per tier for every project creator.

Is it possible using the API ?

That doesnt sound like an efficient way to do it. For anything tangible to come out of it, you have to get the tier pricing of all creators (or a gigantic amount of them), then identify which ones are within your particular activity area (music, video, podcast, games, blog, tech) etc, and then within your own sub-topic in that area, and then match their offerings (which content is patron only, which is free etc, what kind of content in the first place) as close to your offerings as much as possible, and then get a meaningful statistic.

And then again this may not fit your particular audience or following.

So lots of work for small gain.

Reading Patreon University docs would be much more helpful. They already contain statistics on many things and also advice.

Hi codebard !

Thanks for your advices, I’ve managed to retrieve the tiers for all creators of the specific area I plan to invest !

I was’nt aware of Patreon University docs, thanks for the information : I need to ask to my boss if I can share some insights publicly !


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