Does the plugin check for paid status?

I have patreon members that have technically pledged and are still at a given pledge level, but their card was declined after first payment (months ago). Does the plugin check such things or does it just check to see their pledged category only and not if they are loving up to that pledge?

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Unless you have the pay upfront option (which is still in beta) enabled, they’re technically patrons whether they have paid or not. However, at the end of the month, they either pay or get kicked.

As far as I know.

:slight_smile: I appreciate that. I will look in tot he pay upfront option.

How confident are you about being kicked after a month? (the “as far as I know” is what I am asking about) Is there anyone else monitoring this that can be authoritative?

If I have a patron that has not actually paid in a few months, does the plugin still allow them in or will they be denied?

Yes the plugin checks for declined pledges. But what Xevonin said applies.

@codebard, just to make sure I am clearly understanding: you are saying that the code checks for declined pledges and does not let the person in if they have declined the last month?

That’s correct. What Xevonin said applies. In my last post i mistyped his nick as yours, sorry.

Cool! Thanks for the confirmation. I will await the availability of “pay upfront”, but wont worry too much about the ongoing element. I appreciate being able to avoid the hassle!

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