Your Patreon payment method appears to be declined

Hello, I have a user that is trying to connect their Patreon account to their WordPress account. They get the following error:

Your Patreon payment method appears to be declined. Update your pledge to access this post.

Looking at their User account in Wordpress, I can see that there is a ‘Patreon Created’ date stamp, but none of the other Patreon fields are filled in.

Edit - I should also mention, that they are under my active list of Patrons on under the correct Amount level.

For this, it must be confirmed that the last payment of this user at Patreon was valid. Last charge may have failed at Patreon but your patron may still be listed.

Also its important if any other user is having this issue. If there are any users who do not have this issue then the issue is probably specific to that user.

No other users have reported the issue, but the user can still access their $5 content at so their payment must have been valid?

If other users havent reported this issue, investigating that specific user’s payment and status would be a good idea. Best would be to ask Patreon support (not developer support) about this particular user and his/her payment status.

Her pledge looks fine. How do I contact Patreon support?

Here i believe.

In case his payment for whatever period it was last charged for was still valid, then it could be an API problem or plugin problem which we could discuss here in developers’ forum.

Ok, I’ve submitted a ticket with them. However, I am sure that they are currently able to access our Patreon content, so if the payment didn’t go through they shouldn’t have access on right?


That depends on what is the situation with their payment at Patreon and how the API interprets and returns it. It should be clearer after the result of that ticket.

It looks like this issue happens with all users who cancel their pledge for a month. They have access at for the rest of the month but the plugin seems to stop access immediately when they cancel their pledge.