Email no longer imported into Wordpress, new accounts can't be edited and saved without an email address

Recently, all new users who have logged in to my site for the first time using their Patreon account no longer have their email imported from Patreon and added to their new site account.

This means their account on my site can’t be edited and saved - a huge issue for the user who can’t update their own account, and me as the admin since I give patrons roles based on their pledge level.

Not sure what version this started with, but on my site it began this month (February 2020.)

I just updated to the latest version and will see if that fixes it with new accounts, but how do I get the previous accounts without emails to re-sync?


Can you create a patron account with a new email, and pledge to your creator account over a test post which you gated for $1 and see if its email will properly import?

You must make sure to verify your email for this test patron account when you register with Patreon before starting the test.

Thanks for your reply.

I’ve noticed that some non-patrons have also been logging into my site with their Patreon accounts, so let me first try not pledging but logging in with an existing account as that was working prior to the end of December / beginning of January when I updated the site to the latest Wordpress and Patreon Plugins.

I’ll post here with what I find - I’ll create a staging site and upload everything prior to the test so if it doesn’t work I can play around with it a bit without taking down the live site.


Hello :slight_smile:,

I’m having the same issue. The e-mails are not being imported for new users.
Please, help me to fix this as it is becoming a serious issue.

If a given user does not have his/her email verified at Patreon, it wont be imported since its a security risk.

I found that one of tokens was expired. In that case, why not sending an automated email?


Tokens are auto refreshed by the plugin, however at times this may fail due to connectivity issues in between your site and Patreon or other reasons.

Hi! What does a verified email on Patreon mean? I’m encountering a similar issue, some users get their accounts created without an email attached. It happened to my test account as well, however I can’t see any indication that my account isn’t verified.

Verified email at Patreon means that the user has verified the email that is registered at Ie email verification after registering at For any user that has the email marked as verified in the api return, emails are imported. For those who don’t, they are not.