Users imported without email

Using the latest version of the plugin on and it appears users are being imported without emails when logging in with Patreon (account created by the plugin); first/last name comes in fine though. It’s a problem since Wordpress actually won’t let you edit a user without an email, so I can’t edit the users once they log in, and have to go to check Patreon’s site to put in their email.

The permission page already says email will be used when logging in so I assume this isn’t intended behavior.

Since we can only import users with valid, verified email addresses, the plugin currently doesnt import them.

However in the upcoming update we are going to have it import the emails for verified users. The users who dont have their emails verified still wont be imported.

Alright, sounds good.

For anyone in the same situation, as a workaround, Patreons have their emails listed in Relationship Manager, so I’ve been filling them in with those. Though if you’re just doing what I’m doing (disabling ads for verified patreons) I’m not sure you even need a valid email–you do need a unique email though, so it’d be nice to have this.

I am also having this problem. For my site, it is critical to pull in the user’s email address from Patreon because I send email notifications automatically for New User Email, New Comments, etc.

I don’t care if the email is verified or not, but something has to be automatically pulled in, otherwise the user won’t get the email notifications and my emailer will get send errors because the email is null.

Is there any way to accomplish this? I am comfortable editing the plugin code as needed.

It must be noted that unverified emails can allow hacking of the accounts which are tied to such unverified emails in your WP installation.

How is pulling in unverified emails different than allowing the user to update their email once they are logged in on my Wordpress site?

It is the same thing, since my WP site will send notifications to that email address, no matter the source. It doesn’t matter whether it was auto pulled in by plugin, manually entered by the user, or manually entered by admin (which the above developer was doing).

Patreon forcing verified emails is their design choice, and their reasons for doing this is not my concern. But once the user pays for access to my site and logs in with the “Log In With Patreon” button, they should not be treated differently than other users. They are paying customers at this point and are missing out on email notifications, which are a core feature of my site.

It is like a payment processor on an ecommerce site telling the user they cannot get the item that they were already charged for until they verify their email address.

To those who are comfortable editing the plugin source - to import the email whether it is verified or not remove these checks in patreon_login.php:


Remember, if you update the plugin, your changes will be overwritten. So once you update the plugin, you will have to go edit the file again.
Good luck

There are filters and hooks which would allow you to go around that in a fashion which wont be overridden.

However registering an unverified email as the email of an account in your site poses security risk as i mentioned - there is no guarantee that the actual user has access to that email. And someone may have even registered that account at Patreon by spoofing the email as his/hers when the emails were not being verified.

This would allow such people to get access to the account in your WP site by logging in via Patreon. These may be editors, admins - whomever.

The best way to approach this may be to mandate an email update / verification for anyone who logs in or registers via an unverified email via Patreon. There are hooks and filters which would help you to do that as well.

Hook and filter doc links updated.