Users imported without email


Using the latest version of the plugin on and it appears users are being imported without emails when logging in with Patreon (account created by the plugin); first/last name comes in fine though. It’s a problem since Wordpress actually won’t let you edit a user without an email, so I can’t edit the users once they log in, and have to go to check Patreon’s site to put in their email.

The permission page already says email will be used when logging in so I assume this isn’t intended behavior.


Since we can only import users with valid, verified email addresses, the plugin currently doesnt import them.

However in the upcoming update we are going to have it import the emails for verified users. The users who dont have their emails verified still wont be imported.


Alright, sounds good.

For anyone in the same situation, as a workaround, Patreons have their emails listed in Relationship Manager, so I’ve been filling them in with those. Though if you’re just doing what I’m doing (disabling ads for verified patreons) I’m not sure you even need a valid email–you do need a unique email though, so it’d be nice to have this.