Email Settings Needs a Tune-Up

When you follow someone on Patreon, the option for them to email you whenever they do a thing is automatically marked. I follow a lot of people and I don’t want to receive emails from any of them. The only way I can ensure that, as of now, is by going into my settings each time I follow some people and clicking on the checked checkboxes. It’s a waste of time and frankly unnecessary. There should be an option to not get any creator emails (e.g. “unsubscribe from all emails”) that you just click once and then you get no more emails even if you end up following more people afterward.

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I felt the same way about the email settings and the notification settings on the mobile app. There should be a way for users to mark multiple creators and then have the option to filter out whatever you’d like to be notified rather than having to sort them all out manually by rows.