Error 404 for the new patrons

First I do not know programming.

I do not know why but I have two patreon plugins on my wordpress site, one is old and does not update (but it works well for me)
I deactivated it and activated the second plugin (which I see that is updated regularly), but since then the new patrons can not synchronize their wordpress account with patreon (error 404)

I have no idea why that happens. The code of [patreon_login_button] does not appear. Never. It does not matter if I put it in the widgets or create a specific page.

I thought about going back to the old plugin, since everything worked fine, but if I do it all the images on the web are broken (they are many)

The new Plugin appears as Patreon-Connect (in the hosting folder) and says that it is version 1.1.2 (it is updated)
The old plugin appears as Patreon-Wordpress (in the hosting folder) and says it is version 1.2.4 (it is not updated) (but in the description redirect to the other plugin)
see the screenshot

I do not know what to do.

Does [patreon_login_button] shortcode work if you post it into post content?