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Dear Support,

When I try to connect from my WordPress web site to Patreon, I get an error message 404 Error-Page Not Found.

  1. Got the error message 404 at WordPress login page.
  2. at Patreon WordPress setting, while " We must connect your site to Patreon to enable Patreon features. Please click [here] to start the setup wizard, when press i get same error message 404.

Please help me,
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Was this solved?

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Thanks for replay, the integration between Wordpress and Patreon not always smooth, there is need a lot of refresh. Hope it will become better.

Do you plane to give Hebrew support to the platform? If so I would be happy to assist you translate it.
Best regards

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Internationalization is planned for the WP plugin, but i cant say something on the timing yet. When we come around to it, it may be a good idea, thanks.