Fake Content Creator/Payment Issue

Hi. I just logged into my account today and I received an error message stating that my payment to Monster Collectors The Game didn’t go through. So I was given the option to update my payment info. This is odd since I’ve never even heard of this content creator before and when I tried running a search no creator/profile with that name is listed anywhere. I never pledged to this creator nor is Monster Collectors The Game even listed anywhere in my pledge history. My account doesn’t even list the amount of money that I supposedly pledged and since it’s listed as an in-complete payment, I get a warning that I’ll be charged any outstanding payments if I try to edit my payment options.

Hey @DaveP,
This forum is more gear towards developers building on the Patreon API. Feel free to drop a note to our help team at patreon.com/faq. They’ll get you squared away.