Feature Request: Make Pages Free

I’d like to set my site to be Patron-only generally speaking, but there are a handful of pages (About, Contact, Terms and Conditions) that really shouldn’t be. Is there a current way to set page/post defaults to Patron-only instead of making it site wide? In the alternative is there a current way to set a page/post to be free even if the site is Patron-only?

If neither is possible now could we get a feature that accomplishes the use-case where almost all pages/posts are Patron-only but not all?

Leaving page post type from site wide gating may be a good idea.

In the meantime, Patron Plugin Pro addon for PW allows you to fine tune post types that are gated. You can gate post types, categories, tags and other taxonomies. So in your case, you could gate only ‘post’ post type and leave everything else ungated. Patron Plugin Pro is a premium addon.