Making entire site patron-only

A couple of issues

  1. I tried using the Patreon plugin for WordPress on my website I have been unable to get this option (Make entire site Patron-only with Pledge Level ) to work.

I have added the option, updated the settings, cleared cache and viewed in an incognito tab and it is not working for me.

Any updates on when this might be available or the option to make pages Patron only?

  1. I use Pretty Links ( to send users to affiliate links. Does anyone know if these would quit working if the make entire site Patron option is selected?


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#1 -> At which stage is the process failing? Is the content not locked? Or you are not able to view the locked content as a patron?

#2 -> Internal or external links in your website are not modified at all by our plugin.

  1. I can still load the page as normal in an incognito window when the option is checked to make the entire site Patron only. I have added the Patron-only option, updated the settings, cleared cache in Wordpress and viewed in an incognito tab, I can still load the page.

Instead of using an incognito window in the same browser, can you try a totally different browser?

Ie, if you are using Chrome, you can fire up a Firefox window and go through the process by using it. Or Opera.

It does the same thing. I am OSX using Chrome and tried on Safari as well. Both do the same thing.

Do you have any adblockers installed in any of these browsers (or both)?

Additionally what is the antivirus you are using?

Are you behind a proxy or VPN of any sort?

No ad blockers, no antivirus or VPN.

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This is quite odd.

I will try to reproduce this tomorrow.

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Hello, I’m curious if you found a solution… I’m also having trouble with the Patreon plugin.

~ not sure the best place to pose this question, but the plugin only locks a portion of the content.

you can see this at:

Scroll down to see our Patreon lock. It’s locking the post content, but the wordpress theme we use is loading a div with content above the post content. In fact, I’d like to lock everything on the page below the site navigation… the sidebar and the comments as well… but leave in the footer.

I added a Patron button in the navigation area, but that has nothing to do with my request in locking the page (just for clarity).

Is there a php code I can load in the theme below the site navigation to lock the content with the Patreon plugin?

Thank you,

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I suspect this is a specific theme or plugin which serves what you have in the header via a different field or utility.

Its possible that it is a custom post type that is being served by theme/plugin, or an ordinary post that is not marked protected.

In such a case, the_content filter wouldnt kick in, and therefore protection wouldnt take effect.

You should first check your setup, and whether that content is being saved in any way different than normal posts or normal custom post types. If it is in a custom post type, you may try locking that post and see if protection will kick in. If it doesnt, then it means theme/plugin does not apply the_content filter to what it is showing.

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