Need help with Patreon Wordpress functionality

Hi guys

I’m part of a band and we’ve created a brand new Fanclub website for ourselves. We built it on Wordpress and we have integrated the Patreon WordPress plugin to the site since we are locking specific pages of the site behind our different Patreon tiers, gating what each viewer can check out.

We plan to launch next week so today we launched our Patreon page to test it. The plugin isn’t working. When going to a page it will show the “you need to become a Patreon at $X amount etc and then the ‘click here to become a patron’ button.” We tried doing it, creating two different Patrons at two of our tier levels. Sign up was great, took us right to checkout and shot us back after BUT the page just keeps showing the “you need to be a patron” message and sign up button. Even when we hit the refresh it takes us to a page saying “Patreon would like to access: view your public profile x view your email address” We click “allow” and it just shoots us back to the page, content still blocked.

Any help would be great as we plan to provide most of our Patreon content through this fansite and if we can’t get the plugin working we are kinda screwed haha

The fansite is:

Thanks so much, Trev

When i tried to unlock it tells me

“This content is available exclusively to members of Stands on Sapphires Patreon at the time of posting. Your account does not fulfill the requirements. Become a patron to get exclusive content like this in the future.”

This means that you used ‘Active patrons only’ option while gating this post. This would make it so that only patrons who were patrons before you created that post can see the post.

Just turn off ‘Active patrons only’ option while gating the post and it should work.

Omg thank you so much. I totally misread that and thought it should be checked just making sure they had a Patreon tier. I just tested after turning it off and it works. Thanks so much!

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Great to hear. Good luck with your patrons!