Existing Patrons Being Asked to Pledge

Like others have posted about in the past, existing Patrons are unable to click the button on the post in order to view it – it takes them to a page to make a new pledge.

When I go to the login page and click “Login with Patreon” it doesn’t work either.

The solutions in the other threads have not helped.

Is there any way I can make an admin account and someone could take a look at what the problem is?

Have you checked your app credentials at your plugin settings and compared it to the ones at Patreon app details?

Yes, they are all correct. Is there a way I can give you admin access and see if you can take a peek and figure out what the conflict is?

Yes, you can create a new admin account and mail it to ozgur@c.patreon.com address. You should delete this admin account after debugging is complete.

Please do not give any kind of access to anyone else from the forum, and do not send credentials to any other email address than the one above.

Got in ran a test. Got mismatching redirect uri error.

Please mail me what setting do you have for ‘redirect uri’ at your Patreon API settings - to the earlier address i posted. We need to confirm they match.