Fetch all pledge events for a user

I am currently trying to fetch all pledge events and understand further of how these pledge events work. From the docs, I can understand that a single pledge event follows an individual over the course of that pledge. However, is a new pledge created if they switch tiers?

I am trying to fetch data from an endpoint that would show me all information from each month of a patrons pledge. Is this currently possible? Or is the pledge event the only thing I can fetch data from? I can see a situation where a consumer of this API would want to list all of these events from a Patron to gague what perks they are owed - especially if they are changing tiers.

The pledge should be upgraded in the case of upgrading tiers.

Using currently_entitled_tiers would give you the most accurate info about what a patron is entitled to at any given moment instead of paginating pledges, unless you have a very specific reward setup that needs to be done that way. You can also rely on currently_entitled_amount_cents for the $ amount that a user owes. (always in your campaign’s currency, not necessarily dollars).