Finding patrons via username/email?

I want to create a webapp where patrons of a specific tier can login via github auth, then put in their Patreon email or username. At that stage I want to check to see if they’re a patron of a specific tier, and if so invite them to a private github repo.

I can’t seem to workout how to just grab a patron by an email or username. What’s the best way to quickly tell if somebody is subbed to a tier?
I’m also worried the creator token will expire and require a refresh, making applications like these completely impossible without routine intervention.

In my opinion, the simplest path would be to have them log-in with GitHub and then have them have them then log-in through Patreon. This way you know each user is the user they claim to be without intervention on your parth. After they login via Patreon you can just connect the accounts in your backend, and if they change Patreon accounts down the line they just login with the new account instead.

This does mean you have to fuss with Patreon access and refresh tokens and periodically checking that they’re still a patron, but that’s simple enough to automate.


This is a good idea. I suppose once I already have their patron id it makes it easy to setup a cron to check status later on.

Thanks for that!

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Yes, having users authorize both is the best way.

Note that there may be Patreon users who have not verified their emails. You should rely on emails only if a Patreon user’s email has been marked as verified in the api return.