How to simply validate if a user is a patreon

I’m looking for a simple, insecure, and quick way to check if a given user by email is a patreon of mine.
Basically the user enters his email address in my program that asks my server and the server reports back if that email belongs to a patreon of mine or not.
Since its software and software copies don’t cost anything to manufacture, I really don’t care if someone guesses an email right and gets to use the software for free.

I don’t want the users to have to go to my website and login or anything, ideally I would like an API that is accessible by my server and that tells me a list of active patrons with their emails.

As simple as that. I skimmed through the docs but it seams to me that such a simple API is not present?

A simple sequence can work:

  • Get the PHP lib or duplicate its functionality for making api calls
  • Create an app and get the creator’s access token from there to use in your app
  • Set up a cron to regularly pull in your patrons to a local db table
  • Set up a simple query box that will search the table for the email

Could you please point me to which API call gives me the list of my patrons.
do you mean this api: API Reference
found a working sample of what i need: GitHub - shreyasx/patreonAPI: A simple NodeJS application that on running, fetches and shows all pledges to my Campaign on Patreon. Easily update the ACCESS_TOKEN and the CAMPAIGN_ID from .env to get details of your own Patreon Campaign!

API Reference The campaigns/{campaign_id}/members route will provide you a list of your campaign members. Be advised the followers and former patrons can also show up in this call so you will have to account for that in your code.

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