The Holy Grail - is user a current patron?

Hey Friends…

Apologies if this is a FAQ or answered elsewhere (I’m sure it must be but I’ve been searching for days now)! This is the closest I’ve found but is not much help.

So - I have a user, they have done the oauth dance and I have a valid access token for them - now I would like to see if they are currently a member and if so, what membership level they have.

I’m not using a backend with a supported client so curl commands would be excellent if possible! (I’ve tried seeing if I can get this info with the python and go clients but can’t).

Thanks folks!

With the user’s access token, make a request to:,memberships.currently_entitled_tiers&fields[member]=currently_entitled_amount_cents

The key is the “memberships.currently_entitled_tiers” in the “include=”.

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Aside from what sffc said, PHP lib has working examples for various cases - you can copy the logic and implement in your own app:

Or just use the PHP lib as your own backend/api to connect to Patreon. (If you are using JS etc).