Getting pledged user name from pledge webhook

I have a serverless function that gets triggered by a Patreon webhook on new pledges and pledge updates. From that hook’s payload, I can get the user ID, and even the URL to, I assumed, the API endpoint that will give me more details about that user. For example, testing the webhook, returns under data.relationships.user.links.related.

Unfortunately, trying to GET that endpoint, results in error 403 Unauthorized, but only when called from the serverless function. If I access this endpoint from the browser, including an incognito window, I see the entire JSON payload with all the data I would need.

You can use your creator access token to do the GET call. But you should use v2 calls with v2 endpoints

The V2 is cool and all, but it seems to require OAuth2 authentication. Since I’m running it as a serverless function, using some sort of an API key would be much simpler than OAuth

You don’t have any means to save the resulting token somewhere? Even if local files etc? (not recommended)

I could maybe store it in as env variables… So your suggestion is to create a one-off function that would fetch the OAuth tokens, save them somewhere, and have the actual functions reuse them? I’ll have to try it out

Wouldnt env variables get cleared on any reboot. It would be much easier to have a database (any). That would enable you to build more complex functionality in future as well.