Grabbing the last Patreon tier of a user that is no longer an active subscriber

Is it possible to grab the last Patreon tier a user had before he or she unsubscribed from the campaign?

I’m currently grabbing all users that had an accepted charge date within the last 31 days - and would like to give all of them, including those that are no longer subscribed, access to some content on my website and Discord based on the tier they have or had.

However, I don’t see any way of grabbing the last tier they were subscribed to…

For active users this is no issue, I can grab the currently_entitled_tiers, but that is a big fat null for any user that is not actively subscribed.

lifetime_support_cents and currently_entitled_amount_cents are useless to me since people can switch tiers whenever they want, and currently_entitled_amount_cents returns 0 if the user is not an active subscriber.

The data will be stored in a database as soon as it is available, but I’d like to handle the worst situation possible where my server is down for whatever reason and the user has subscribed and immediately unsubscribed for only wanting a month worth of access.