Home page take more than 30 seconds to load / posts load quickly

I use the Patreon wordpress plugin on politicsdoneright[.]com and on egbertowillies.com. Recently the homepage egbertowillies[.]com started taking 30 seconds or so to load. Interestingly that was not the case with politicsdoneright[,]com which uses the same theme.

BTW, posts seem to load at normal speed. It is just the homepage that is affected.

If I disable the Patreon plugin, the homepage loads instantaneously. For now, I have had to disable to plugin which means my site is wide open.

Help Please.

Does your home page show the posts in full, or only as excerpts?

I only show excerpts. Here is the site http://egbertowillies.com. Note that after taking 30 seconds or so to load the entire home page, if I click on a post, it is almost instantaneous. Likewise if I use the URL directly to a post, that loads fast as well. Right now I have disabled the plugin until I get direction from the developers.

What happens if you change to a WP default theme and try loading the home page?

I would have to clone my site to run that test but I think I it has to do with the number if posts that appear on the homepage. I am a software developer. I think you do some preprocessing on very post on the homepage when it loads, right? You see the other website uses the same theme, an structure but has a lot less posts on the front page,

No, PW doesnt do anything related to home page, but we hook to the_content filter to gate posts. The function hooked to this filter does a check for post’s locked status (local meta check) and in case the user is logged in and known to be a Patreon user, then a logged in status check by contacting the api to get login status and pledge status is done. However this information is cached in a local array and the plugin does not contact the api again in a given page run.

One thing that is possible is that there is a circular situation with a plugin you have at the site removing/re-adding the_content filter and this leading to re-application of a check for locked content or something similar.

But the best way would be to clone and test with another theme. If theme difference does not address it, then some situation with other plugins and compatibility may be suspected.